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Device Magic makes collecting data simple by allowing you to create and distribute mobile forms to your team’s Apple and Android devices. Our web-based custom form builder makes creating mobile forms for your business easy, so you can accurately and efficiently collect the data you need. Use Device Magic to complete checklists, surveys, inspections, site reviews, trip logs, equipment checks, or any other job conducted “in the field”. Utilize Device Magic integrations with Slack, Google Docs, Box, Amazon S3, and others to submit the data you collect directly into your existing systems. The Device Magic integration with Slack allows you to post the submission data you’ve collected via the forms on your mobile device directly to your Slack channels in a variety of formats. Device Magic improves data quality, integrity, and security, while reducing the hassle of processing thousands of pieces of paper. Our integrations and features make it easy to automatically build workflows and communications rules that keep your team in the loop. What are you waiting for? It's time to streamline your business with Device Magic and Slack.


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