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With the GetResponse-Slack integration, you can receive notifications on one or more channels to keep you updated on: • Subscribes and unsubscribes - notice contains the subscriber’s name, email address, and a link to a GetResponse contact search. • Newsletter send is complete
 - notice includes a link to an analytics page with instant information on campaign performance. • Opens and clicks during the first 24 hours after you sent a newsletter - notice includes the click and open rate for the first 24 hours of a newsletter. • Opens and clicks for a selected campaign - a live view of campaign performance. The frequency of notifications depends on the type of message and the activity level within your campaign. You can receive a notice with an hourly summary or every time someone subscribes or unsubscribes. You can also change your settings to receive no notifications until there is a new open or click. When the newsletter send is complete, you can get a notice instantly or if you prefer 24 hours later.


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