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Your clients are on Slack, you're on Slack, why use anything else? Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners. Whether you're an agency looking to connect with clients, a core team coordinating with a local team, or just for fun, Smooz is here to help you connect in a more convenient way. Smooz lets you create a dedicated channel between two Slack teams. It's incredibly easy to set up: 1) Click "Add to Slack" to get your personal link. 2) Share it privately with the team(s) you want to invite, or embed a public button in your web page 3) They click on "Add to Slack". That's it! Smooz will create a dedicated channel in each team, in which you can chat with the other team, as well as send files. Both teams can invite as many users as they want in their channel, rename it, or make it private. Forget about - asking your users to join as single-channel users - asking your client to invite you and your team in their Slack - creating a joint Slack just to discuss a project with a partner. Smooz is the simplest way to connect with clients and partners.


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