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Featured as a top app by Slack Developers in Slack's App Directory! Save links shared in messages Links shared within Slack channels are automatically saved or "kept". Kifi creates a full-text index of every web page shared, making them easier to find in Slack, Google search, & on Kifi. Search is integrated with Slack & Google ° Search on Slack. Any member of your Slack team can search all links messaged using the slash command "/kifi search term" ° Search on Google. Search for anything deep within a page & Kifi will get you back to where colleagues were talking about it on Slack using the browser add-on Send your keeps to a Slack channel Keeps in a particular library can automatically be sent to a channel on Slack. Seamlessly share the pages you find keep-worthy with your teammates. With Kifi's integration, you'll never lose the links among the hundred of messages your team sends via slack.


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